Courtside update

Hello, Courtside readers!

It’s been a couple of months since my last column and/or Q&A. But I have a good reason for the delay. My first non-fiction sports book — Hail Mary: The Rise and Fall of the National Women’s Football League, written with fellow sports writer Britni de la Cretaz — was published the first week of November and we have been busy doing publicity, Zoom interviews, radio spots and more since October. It’s been an exciting and overwhelming whirlwind so far. And it’s kept me busy.

I started Courtside in Spring 2020, when we didn’t even know if there would be a WNBA season. I wanted to fill the gap in coverage and give WNBA fans a way to connect with players during the height of the pandemic, to provide some light in a dark time, and to keep busy during the sports lull. This season, I had every intention of keeping it going. But with the WNBA back in full swing, I was focused on writing columns and features for The Athletic. I also signed on to provide WNBA/WBB coverage at Just Women’s Sports. Add in everything with the book and well, I just didn’t have the extra time. As a result, Courtside took a backseat.

So, here we are.

I’d like to keep Courtside going. But the truth is, the Q&As and columns won’t be as frequent as they were in 2020. They will occasionally drop into your inbox like an old friend you haven’t seen for a bit but are more than happy to see. So thank you for sticking around and for giving me the opportunity to share these casual and fun conversations with so many former and current WNBA players we love and respect. I’ve got some new Q&As lined up for the future.

In the meantime, grab a copy of Hail Mary! I really think it’s a book you will enjoy.